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Fitness & Health has never been more important than it is now. Gone are the days when the majority of jobs were physical in nature. Now you have to consciously make an effort to be healthy. Nemesis Fitness & Health (NFH) will tailor the training and education to the individual, group, or team.

Whether your journey and motivation is combat conditioning, weight loss, weight gain, improved performance, or occupational preparedness; NFH will get you the results that you desire.
NFH provides fitness classes, occupational specific classes, diet and nutrition plans, consultation, general health recommendations, and mental health recommendations.

Our clients include but are not limited to individuals and groups of all types, families, occupations of all types, military, law enforcement, and security professionals.

Classes, courses, and services include:

  • General Fitness & Health

  • Combat Conditioning

  • Occupational Conditioning

  • Weekly Fitness Plans

  • Diet & Nutrition Plans

**Virtual Classes / Distant Learning & Virtual Consultations Are Available**

***Prices as low as $25***



ASA is designed to strengthen teams and individuals in the physical, defensive, and strategic aspects of the security field as well as in general health and performance. There are many security areas that overlap into each other; Fugitive Recover overlaps into Private Investigations and vice versa, high risk / high hazard Armed Security overlaps into Personal Protection and vice versa. ASA can also be tailored to meet individual needs; from law enforcement and military special operations to security professionals working in the Congo or in arctic weather. The instructors will study the circumstances surrounding the requested training in order to most accurately tailor fit the training to the individual or team. ASA is even suitable for families.
Such training includes but is not limited to advanced security procedures and techniques, advanced fugitive recovery procedures and techniques, advanced investigative procedures and techniques, strategy and tactics, situation and environmental preparation, applicable fitness and defense techniques, and recommended associated technologies. NG also provides general fitness and health services to include diet and nutrition.

ASA Classes and courses include:

  • Advanced Fugitive Recovery

  • Advanced Investigations

  • Advanced Security

  • Tactical Medicine (COMING SOON)

     **Virtual Classes & Training Are Available**

***Prices as low as $65***



Security companies, both large and small, often suffer from failing standards and less than honorable employee standards. All DCJS security services businesses are required to have at least one compliance agent. Nemesis Security Services (NSS) can provide this service to such businesses. NSS will provide each business with its own identification number in order to protect their information and intellectual property. NSS Also provides consultation services to businesses and individuals in the security & fitness fields. Such service includes but is not limited to Red Team evaluation and testing of assets, SOP review, customer service review, and quality care.

We also provide individual and family training in areas such as situational awareness, physical security, basic and advanced security practices, and defense.

Services include:

  • Security Compliance

  • Security Consultation

  • Red Team Evaluation

  • Standard Operating Procedures Review

  • Customer Service Review & Quality Care

  • Physical Security, Situational Awareness, & Security Practices Training

  • Emergency Preparedness Training

**Virtual Training Is Available**

***Prices as low as $100***



The members of NG are licensed Fugitive Recovery Agents that make up the group known as Seven Cities Recovery Team (S.C.R.T.). S.C.R.T. works closely with bail bondsmen, other recovery agents, the jails, and the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia and other states in order to serve the general public and apprehend fugitives and criminals of all types.



Notary services are available and our notary officer does travel and will come to you. We can assist you with anything that is required to be notarized and if necessary; we can recommend reputable investigators that will conduct process serves.

  • Electronic Notary (COMING SOON)

***Prices are $5 if you come to me; $10 if I come to you.***

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